Cabinet BENSUSSAN Law Firm combines a double culture, for legal advice, and litigation. It conceives Legal advise as a dynamic and prospective aid instrument for decision-making and setting up of strategies, for the company and its managers. It develops a global approach of the client and establishes a permanent and privileged relation. It advises the company and its leads in all their legal, international commercial needs.

Commercial contracts and franchising
Main practice since 21 years. Counsel for many companies such as All Metal UK , Dedienne Aerospace Group ( Toulouse) Ideal Medical Products Engineering (France), tender for hospital turn key solutions, SCIENT’X ( worldwide spine implants manufacturer, HP France ( Japanese store chain for luxury accessories )

Corporate Law
Follow up of complex corporate law issues for many mid size companies. Published articles in Valeurs actuelles

Telecommunications and internet contracts
Adviser for major telecom players for commercial agreements, international litigations, arbitration, and regulatory issues.(London based Groups such as Vectone, Lycatel,Eyetel,QVone etc)

Adviser for several Groups developing a strong international IP policy, and having achieved significant milestones in the markets of Human Body implants, and medical devices.
Adviser for Picardie International, the competition pole of the Region of Picardie, and the University of UP Jules Vernes, focused on new technologies based on biomaterials as an alternative to petrochemical technologies.

Private banking
Adviser for public listed companies to export turn key solutions for Hospital (mainly in Russia, Arabic countries, and Malaysia.
Adviser for the Fédération Nationale des Caisses d’Epargnes

Trademarks and patents
Post graduated in IP laws. Appointed as diagnosis expert for tech oriented companies, by the Institut National de la Propriété Industrielle ( INPI) Practice on IP since graduation, and especially with Italian industries

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